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Culture of Chinese Characters Series Awarded Hubei Academic Works Publishing Fund Grant

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       Culture of Chinese Characters Series, a large academic series of books presided over by Professor Li Jianzhong from College of Chinese Language and Literature, was awarded a grant from Hubei Academic Works Publishing Fund, 2016. As a large cultural project, Culture of Chinese Characters Series carefully selects 100 Chinese characters which lay a foundation for Chinese civilization and represent Chinese culture (also called cultural key words). Dealing with one Chinese character, each book not only traces the origin of the character, but also gives a clear explanation of its meaning, so as to manifest the natural trait of the character and the great influence and eternal vitality of Chinese culture from different aspects such as cultural ideology, social politics, intellectual aesthetics, national psychology, folkway, and daily life. The book series is classified into nine groups, and eight books will be launched first.

       Professor Li has been long engaged in the teaching and research of Chinese literary theories and Chinese culture, and has achieved a great influence in academia by his research on the poetic characteristics of Ancient Chinese literary theories and critical stylistics. In recent years, Professor Li is presiding over “Research on the Key Words of Classics of Chinese Culture”, a Major Program of National Social Science Foundation. During the research, he introduced “a keywords-criticism paradigm” which has aroused great concern in academia at home and abroad. Professor Li started Research on the Key Words of Chinese Culture, two issues of which have been published; meanwhile, he is the chief compiler of Chinese Culture: Classics and Essence (two volumes to be published by Beijing Normal University Publishing Group).

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