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Opening Ceremony for Freshman of College of Chinese Language and Literature was held

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On September 11th, the opening ceremony for freshman of College of Chinese Language and Literature was held in Humanities Building. The newly enrolled undergraduates and graduates of 2015 gathered together to launch a whole new journey here.

Professor Tu Xianfeng, the dean of the college delivered an exciting speech. Regarding the difficulties in development that Liberal Arts faced today, dean Tu held the view that: “ we should not judge a subject by whether it’s useful or not. Not all subjects have practical function.”But he also mentioned that:“ Literature is significantly meaningful to human societies. The purpose of studying Liberal Arts is to explore the complexity of human nature. Under the conflict of the ideologies, technology seems to be insignificant. But on the contrary, ideas of people have great impact on the society. This is what we-researchers of Liberal Arts need to focus on.”

He ended his speech by expressing his hope that freshman should work hard to make themselves true scholars.

Teacher representative professor FENG Xuefeng defined the relationship between student and teacher to be “three kind of friendship”, namely, like-minded, share the same goal and find each other congenial, that is “teacher and student should be friends who don’t afraid to give forthright suggestions and make progress together. They should be friends upon the same journey on the road of study with teacher being the guide giving direction at the same time. They should also be close friend who know their hearts.”

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