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Professor Shang Yongliang and Professor Xiao Guozheng gave lectures in Liberal Arts School of Xinjiang University

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This October, Professor Shang Yongliang and professor Xiao Guozheng of our college went to the Liberal Arts school of Xinjiang University, giving several lectures for public successively.

Professor Shang Yongliang gave two lectures on “Life and Creation of People in Tang Dynasty” and “Reading and Research” for faculty and students in Liberal Arts school of Xinjiang University. He illustrated the important influence the life style had on the creation in Tang Dynasty and the attitude and method that should be employed in reading and research. Professor Xiao Guozheng gave three lecture, respectively, “comparative cultural and linguistic study”,“ language application research”,“ Interdisciplinary Linguistic Study”. He also gave an lecture on “Second Language Teaching and Learning and Chinese Study” for Linguistic Department of Xinjiang University.

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